Dye Sublimation

You Create it, We Make it..

Dye sublimation is becoming a good solution for multiple logos and custom apparel, printing colourful images on common everyday items, including clothing and novelties.

You create an image on your computer, print it onto special transfer paper using sublimation inks, and then apply the paper with the image onto the item to be decorated. Using a heat press, the transfer paper is pressed onto the surface at 240 degrees, which then causes the sublimation inks to “transfer” from the paper to any polymer fibres within the substrate. After about a minute, the heat is removed and the transfer paper is peeled off, leaving behind a permanent, full colour image on the substrate.

Minimum 25 pieces per order.

We have 600 different colour options for you to choose from and create your own style.

We also offer many different fabric options, from boardshort material to poly/cotton mixes.

Dye Sublimation FAQ




Design your style using either Kootex or Black Kanvas above (please note that there are only limited sublimation fabrics), then email your design to with details of your order and artwork for a quote.

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